License GS-2-781-02-26-0-7810033046-015348-1

Empowers to perform project engineering of buildings and edifices of I and II importance levels in compliance with the State standard:

Elaboration of sections within engineering documentation for construction of buildings and edifices and their complexes of II importance level:

Engineering equipment, networks and systems:

  • heating, ventilation, air conditioning;
  • water supply and sewage system;
  • heat supply;
  • cold supply;
  • electricity supply up to 10 kV inclusively;
  • electric equipment, electric illumination;
  • systems of communications and alarm;
  • radiofixation and TV;
  • dispatching control, automation and engineering systems control
  • mechanization and in-site transport.

Performing project engineering works for:

  • domestic buildings and their complexes;
  • buildings up to 25 storeys in height inclusively;
  • special types of dwellings (hostels, domestic buildings for low moving groups of population);
  • public buildings and edifices and their complexes;
  • industrial buildings and their complexes.

License GS-2-781-02-27-0-7810033046-015349-1

Empowers to perform construction of buildings and edifices of I and II importance levels in compliance with the State standard:

Structural works, construction and installation works when erecting supporting and enclosing constructions (buildings and edifices up to 100 metres in height):

Earthwork activities:

  • excavating, vertical levelling;
  • earthfill and backfill;
  • earth compaction and ground bedding;
  • earthwork activities in collapsible and heaving soils;
  • earthwork activities under special conditions (at bogs, loose soils, saline soils, drift sands, landslide slopes);


  • roofing with roll materials;
  • roofing with polymer and emulsion-bituminous fillers;
  • roofing with masonry units;
  • adjustment of roof elements with metal sheets.

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